Easily Collaborate with External M365 Users

Easily Collaborate with External Microsoft 365 Users Remember what a nightmare it was for the Griswolds when Cousin Eddie came for a visit? Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD) administrators might feel the same way with the options and headaches that come with managing external identities. The Griswolds were gracious hosts– Directory and data managers […]

Defuse the Technical Debt Time Bomb

Defuse the Technical Debt Time Bomb While it has certainly been in the news more often lately, technical debt has been a challenge for organizations since the days of vacuum tubes.  Other than the recent air travel examples in the last few months, there is a constant stream of articles about health care providers, colocation […]

Nonprofit IT Executives Talking Azure

Nonprofit IT Executives Talking Azure In a recent case study about his organization’s journey to the Microsoft cloud, a nonprofit leader stated, “Technology can be the great equalizer.” That evidence was again on display in a recent panel hosted by Microsoft and eGroup | Enabling. Panelists included IT leaders representing four non-profit organizations, with topics ranging […]

MFA is (Unconditionally) Not Enough

MFA is (Unconditionally) Not Enough Microsoft has seen a trending number of instances whereby an Office 365 user is phished and has their O365 session hijacked. The adversary uses the victim’s token to sidestep Multifactor Authentication (MFA), allowing the attacker into the victim’s email where they can impersonate and ask for bogus wire transfers. This […]

Lessons from a Data-Driven Organization

Lessons from a Data-Driven Organization I joined eGroup | Enabling’s team after retiring as CIO for a top ENR Architecture & Engineering firm. Since then, I have had time to step back and reflect. After my former organization successfully replaced all our business applications with SaaS solutions, our data resided in the cloud. We consolidated […]

​Synced accounts showing “AttributeValueMustBeUnique” in Entra Connect

Synced accounts showing “AttributeValueMustBeUnique” in Entra Connect Recently I was asked to troubleshoot an Entra (fka Azure AD) Connect Sync issue.  There were about 50 users account that were not syncing with a “AttributeValueMustBeUnique” error.  Looking into the error the user ObjectID was conflicting with a device ObjectID. The user account was syncing from Active […]

Introduction to Azure Purview – Data Governance

Introduction to Azure Purview – Data Governance The word “purview” is loosely defined as range of vision, scope, operations, and/or insight. In the vast cloud technology landscape that most organizations operate today, data governance is becoming overwhelmingly challenging to maintain.  Data sprawl and multi-tenancy make these challenges even more difficult.  It is nearly impossibly to truly know your data with absolute certainty, let alone […]

Azure Sentinel Hunting

Azure Sentinel Hunting Hunting Overview Azure Sentinel Hunting is based off queries. It allows for manual, proactive investigations into possible security threats based on the ingested data as well as retroactive pursuits of attacks and root cause analysis. Hunting consists of several capabilities: Queries: Microsoft provided several built-in queries and custom queries can also be […]

Azure Sentinel Operations

Azure Sentinel Operations Introduction Now that Azure Sentinel has started collecting data, it’s time for a deep dive into each component to discover how to utilize the data. The examples below are sample use cases of what Azure Sentinel can do. It is by no means an extensive overview of the capabilities. There is a […]

Onboarding Data Sources Into Azure Sentinel

Onboarding Data Sources Into Azure Sentinel Knowing what data you wish to analyze within a SIEM solution provides a tremendous advantage to deploying Azure Sentinel. However, that is not always the case during an initial deployment. You don’t know what you don’t know. Luckily, Microsoft allows free ingestion of most Azure and Office 365 activities […]